Commentaries on 'Learning Sensorimotor Control with Neuromorphic Sensors: Toward Hyperdimensional Active Perception' [Science Robotics Vol. 4 Issue 30 (2019) 1-10]


This correspondence comments on the findings reported in a recent Science Robotics article by Mitrokhin et al. [1]. The main goal of this commentary is to expand on some of the issues touched on in that article. Our experience is that hyperdimensional computing is very different from other approaches to computation and that it can take considerable exposure to its concepts before attaining practically useful understanding. Therefore, in order to provide an overview of the area to the first time reader of [1], the commentary includes a brief historic overview as well as connects the findings of the article to a larger body of literature existing in the area.

arXiv arXiv:2003.11458 [cs.RO]